Execution Process
  Case Cycle

    Execution Process:

  • Phase 1:  Assignment confirmed             

          (Before an assignment begins we sharpen our knowledge of the client’s company, its business strategy

           and operating markets, its organization and management structure.)

  • Phase 2:  Needs analysis

          (Dig out the culture and background for appointed assignment. And the real scope of its responsibilities,

          reporting lines, annual package and other fringe benefits.) 

  • Phase 3:  Research Strategy 

          (Set clear search direction, like competitors and other related companies of the industry)

  • Phase 4:  Interview and Selection

          (Arrange face-to-face interview to dig out if the candidate is the suitable one from different aspects like

           technique, style, attitude, motivation etc)

  • Phase 5:  Short-list & Presentation

          (Select suitable candidates by the job criteria and make interview report to client, give the background of

          the candidate together with Consultant’s comments.)  

  • Phase 6:  Facilitating interview for clients        

          (Arrange interview for the client, like  timetable, contact ways of interviewee, shuttle bus, route etc.)  

  • Phase 7:  Client’s feedback

          (Actively communicate with the client, get the key point of the interview feedback. If the client give positive

          feedback will prepare offer. If client give negative feedback we will analysis the reason and back to Phase 4.)

  • Phase 8:  Final Negotiations & Offering        

          (Gather all the annual package related information of both the client side and candidate side, to make a

          suitable annual compensation and benefit package for appointed candidate.)

  • Phase 9:  Reference Checking        

          (Conduct 360°reference check for the appointed candidate to make sure that his/her background, skills, ethic

          match the client’s job criteria and organization culture . If we found that the material the candidate offer is not

          true or with bad record that the client can not accept, the client hold the right to withdraw the offer.)    

  • Phase 10: Integration & Ensuring Quality        

          (Keep in touch with the appointed candidate after on boarding to know about the needs and feels of  working

          in a wholly new environment, and deliver the key message to the client if needed to make  improve the

          satisfaction of both sides.)

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